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Provincial Labour Office Chachoengsao

Permanent workers trained technicians open embedded gems Industrial Ay Thani.


This morning (November 25, 2548) and bright gold family Haru said the Permanent Secretary of Labor. President to launch training programs “embedded gems” at the 5th floor conference room Ay Estate Thani.

Family Haru said Permanent Secretary for Labor and bright gold jewelry industry, said the government is business focused. Because they generate revenue for the country. The annual value of exports is significant. Recognized more than 30 years, jewelry is something to delight the mind for the owner. Popular since former times. An asset to cherish. Because something is a symbol that a high royalty.

“The decisions you have to be trained as technicians embedded gems. This was a valid choice. It is a good career for us to be able to transfer ill children. Although this option will have a problem they have to have patience to learn them. Working with these gems with integrity. Is important. Two is necessary to professional ethics. One other thing to realize is that today’s competitive world, even though Thailand is already excellent in jewelry. We need to maintain excellence in the skill of Thai craftsmen to remain forever a champion. Urge all parties participate together, especially operators guest artist will be held in long understanding between all parties. Do not let the greedy into subjection to the cleavage between each other. Request to receive the training are determined by spiritual practice with understanding. To adhere to the 5 precepts not exploit each other when we are good operators will love us. Work will progress together and ask everyone to achieve their goals. Is making progress in engaging people to buy a piece of art and value. Ministry of Labor will take care of all workers in Skill Development. Protection benefits. Social security. To labor full “.

Boon Yong said Russ organizations ASUS Chairman ISG. G. S.. (Public) Ay Estate Thani said. A specific industry that operators focus and investment to increase the number. While demand for workers and craftsmen will be more demanding. Ay Thani industry. High-value exports. Important to the craftsman quality. Talent needed time in training rather long. As operators attempt to solve the problem themselves by organizing informal training, but not enough. Department of Skill Development. Has seen the problem and focus on industry interest and is consistent. Ways to support the development of artisan jewelry professionals to benefit the industry in the future.

Mr. Chainrgcs Epeg to keep 16-year-old native of Nakhon Ratchasima, said: “After graduating class m 3 relative to no job to encourage training. Is like a job. And want income. “

Mr. Nattawat Degree Opti happy 18-year-old native of Bangkok. Said that was a career employee shuttle driver in the morning – cold. But income is not enough like a professional to create additional revenue next. It is located near convenient to travel to work.

Said 15-year-old cousin glass gem native Bangkok. Said that the parent encourage the application of placard. Friends have to work at this company many people. Want to work near cost. And the ability to take personal and professional death. Still not too poor.