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Provincial Labour Office Chachoengsao


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 • a. Location.

Chachoengsao Province, located east of Thailand. Bangpakong River area between the latitude 13 to 33 degrees north and longitude 101 to 127 degrees east area of 5351 square kilometers, or about 3,3 million rai, representing 13.8 percent of the total area of the East. Away from Bangkok. Along Highway 304 about 75 kilometers east or by railroad lines, with 61 km march. 
Contact neighboring provinces as follows. 
• Contact the north and Nakhon Nayok Prachin Buri province. 
• south contact Chanthaburi Province. Chonburi Province and the Gulf of Thailand. 
• eastern Sa Kaew province, contact. 
• Contact with the West Samutprakarn. Bangkok. And Pratum Thani Province. 
• B. Terrain. 
Terrain of Chachoengsao. Height above sea level, moderate to average 69.42 m by the height difference of the area is a 3 way. 
1. Plains area. Bangpakong and river plains are most common in the western province comprises Muang, Bagngmeprigiw, Bganoptis, Bang Khla, Bangpakong, convert long, royal letter and some of the Phanom Sarakham district in District 5 has Bangpakong river flow.through prior to the Gulf of Thailand. The approximately 12 km long coastal plain area is about 1.25 million rai of people most professionals, agricultural farm is the perennial plant garden for years. 
2. Bangpakong area two river plains and corrugated roofing wave ramp area sides. River Bangpakong highly integrated nature of soil sediment pile as long as the parent. Bangpakong water flow height above average sea level from 4 to 20 meters with an area of approximately 360,250 rai area most suited to the farm garden and raising farm animals. Area is located in the districts and the Royal Phanom Sarakham district of Bang Khla some boy. Klong Muang sub-districts and districts Bganoptis Dam. 
3. Hilly area and the East Mountain area will have an average height between 100 to 200 meters as a plain switch to a mountain forest watershed soil conditions suitable for the farm. But there are some areas sand mold doctor and rouge. Sanam Chai Khet district is located in the area and some of wood chopsticks Phanom Sarakham district and convert to long coverage of approximately 1.785 million rai.